About Us

The Regulatory and Professional body of Manx Advocates

The Isle of Man Law Society is the oldest Manx professional body, formed by the Law Society Act 1859 passed by Tynwald, the Manx Parliament.

Its  primary purposes are to:

  • supervise and regulate the profession through a programme of compliance visits and Professional Conduct Rules which govern standards of professional practice in the public interest;
  • support and guide the professional development of our members through training; education and library services;
  • provide welfare assistance to members &  represent their wider commercial interests

with the objective of ensuring that the profession meets, not only its statuory requirements, but the evolving needs and expectations of the community it serves.

About Manx Advocates

An Advocate combines the functions performed in England and Wales by a Solicitor and Barrister and has the right of audience before all the courts on the Island.

Practising Advocates must be members of the Isle of Man Law Society and must follow the Society’s rules. One of those rules is that Manx Advocates must have professional indemnity insurance cover.

Advocates’ Practices on the Isle of Man range from sole practitioners to large practices with specialist departments providing advice and assistance in areas such as shipping, banking, insurance, trust, commercial, company, private client, property and litigation. Advocates may practice as sole traders; in partnerships or as incorporated entities which have been approved by the Society; by far the majority of practices operate through incorporated structures.

Because an Advocate can take charge of a case from the client’s first instructions through to final resolution in court, a more seamless service is possible than may be the case in other jurisdictions. However, as the Island’s economy has diversified and become more complex, the need for Advocates with specialist skills has increased. Our legal profession is evolving to meet these needs and offer specialist legal services. It is for this reason that some Advocates’ practices do not provide every type of legal service. To help you to find an Advocate who can provide the right assistance in the area of law you require this site provides a “Find an Advocate” tab.

To find an Advocate who is listed on the Civil Legal Aid panel, available to undertake Legal aid Work click here.

Many Advocates who practice criminal law agree to participate in 2 rotas – one provides Duty Advocates to attend Court to represent Defendants and one provides Duty Advocates to attend people detained at the police station. The police station rota covers both daytime and out of hours sessions.