Isle of Man Law Society Annual General Meeting

Article Posted: 23rd Jan 2019

Isle of Man Law Society Annual General Meeting


The Isle of Man Law Society is pleased to confirm that Tim Swift was elected as President at its AGM on Friday 11 January 2019 and Kathryn Clough was elected as Vice President of the Law Society.


The Law Society should also like to congratulate Terence McDonald, Peter Clucas, Irini Newby and Linda Watts on being elected to Council.  Thanks too to Jane Gray and Ashley Kneale for standing for Council.


It was pleasing to see so many members attend the AGM and vote in the elections. Including proxies there were votes from 171 practising members. This represents in excess of 70% of the membership, this shows the degree to which members are involved in, and engaged with, the Law Society.


Tim Swift says:


I thank the Isle of Man Law Society for electing me as President.  It is a great honour.


I would also like to thank all our Council Members and the Executive Team for their hard work and dedication in the conduct of the business of the Law Society.


But I would especially like to thank Jane Gray and Irini Newby, our former President and Vice President. Jane has worked tirelessly in the last 2 years for the Law Society and her commitment to the profession was and is self-evident. Irini contributed so much as Vice President and her work on Council continues.


There are challenging times ahead and alongside Kathryn Clough, our newly appointed Vice President, I will address them to the best of my ability.”