The Young Lawyers Association (YLA) is a group of articled and newly qualified Isle of Man advocates. Our constitution sets out that, among other things, the YLA’s primary goals are to:

(a) provide for the further the education of our members;

(b) provide a forum for the meeting and socialising of all members;

(c) provide for and protect the interests both of present and future members; and

(d) promote the interests of the legal profession and the interests of the public in relation to legal matters.

The YLA have regular social and educational events, generally once per month. We also have a strong presence at the annual careers fair and are always looking to assist trainee advocates whilst studying for their exams.  Examples of the events we organise are lectures from local advocates and the judiciary, visits to relevant establishments and light hearted networking evenings, which we hope our members (and associate members) benefit from and enjoy.

The YLA’s current officers are:

Chairman: Charlie Williams  Vice Chair:  Alex Armstrong
Treasurer: James Dean Education Secretary: Joshua Quinn


Secretary: Frances Whitehead

Social Secretary:Sophie Corkish
Student Representative: Faye Devlin


The YLA annual membership fee is £25 and this runs from 1 November to 31 October.