New President & Council Elected

Article Posted: 16th Jan 2015

At the Society’s 2015 AGM, Advocate Simon Cain of Appleby was appointed as the incoming President, replacing retiring President Kevin O’Riordan of Kelly Luft.

Other new appointees included Jane Gray of Dickinson Cruickshank (Ramsey) who was appointed as Vice-president in place of retiring Vice-President Paul Kerruish of Kerruish Law.

The new look Council has the following members:

Terence McDonald of Carter Jones McDonald

Peter Clucas of Cains

Walter Wannenburgh of Dougherty Quinn

Andrew Bridson of  Bridson Halsall

Kathryn Clough of  Callin Wild

Irini Newby of Simcocks

Andrew Johnston (Associate Member) of Hansard

Chris Webb remains as the Society’s Treasurer  and Gillian Christian remains as Honorary Secretary.

Internal Auditor Alan Gough of Gough Law remains in office and retiring Internal Auditor Tom Maher was replaced by Stephen Dougherty of Dougherty Quinn.

New Trustees for the Society’s Charity People In Need were appointed with Robert Jelski of Dickinson Cruickshank (Ramsey) and Mark Humphrey of Long and Humphrey stepping in to replace retiring Trustees Walter Wannenburgh and Peter Clucas.

Thanks were extended to all retiring from office who have worked so enthusiastically on behalf of the profession.