Legal Aid

Under the Advocates’ Practices Rules, Advocates are under a duty to ensure that all clients and prospective clients are made aware of their eligibility for Legal Aid and legal assistance.

The Rules relating to Legal Aid are not made by the Society.

To find out more about Legal Aid in Criminal matters (where you have been arrested and are facing criminal charges) please click here.

To find out more about Legal Aid in Civil matters (for example in family proceedings relating to divorce or children) please click here.

To find out about Legal Aid generally, please click here.

Please remember that your Advocate has a duty to obtain information about your financial means in order to assist your application. You will be required to submit evidence of your finances to your Advocate for this purpose. Even if you are granted Legal Aid, you may be required, depending on your circumstances, to make a financial contribution to the cost of the legal services provided to you.

Up to date information about Legal Aid and relevant application forms can be found here.