IOM Law Society Deemster Kerruish Endeavour Award

Article Posted: 11th Dec 2014



IOM Law Society Deemster Kerruish Endeavour Award


Former Society President, Jonathan Wild, was today the very proud recipient of the Society’s Deemster Kerruish Endeavour Award. President Kevin O’Riordan said that he felt that the award was for the Society’s unsung heros and that Jonathan had never courted publicity for the work he had undertaken on behalf of the Society. This was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate his work for the Society and the fund raising he continued to do for charity.

Mike Kerruish’s widow, Marianne Kerruish, was moved to hear Jonathan’s fond recollection of the Deemster and particularly touched by his reading of a comment, made after His Honour’s death: “There are great men, who can make every man feel small. But the truly great man, is the man that makes every man feel great.” All present felt this sum up precisely, the Deemster’s character.

The award panel comprised His Honour Judge of Appeal Geoffrey Tattersall QC; Marianne Kerruish and Kevin O’Riordan all of whom deliberated on the nominations made by the Society to determine which Advocate best deserved the honour.

Jonathan was presented with a beautiful, personalised illuminated Certificate created by local artist Colleen Corlett, which bears on its obverse, a picture of the late Deemster and some of the many positive eulogies delivered in 2010 after Deemster Kerruish’s untimely death.  


Picture: Marianne Kerruish; Jonathan Wild and Kevin O’Riordan (President of the Law Society)