Articles from December 2013

New Council Members Appointed

At its AGM on Friday 24 January the Society said farewell to Council Members Mark Dougherty, Lesley Webb and Dalila Ver Elst.

President, Kevin O’Riordan reminded the membership of their hard work and thanked them for their continuing support. The Society is delighted to welcome new Council Members Terence McDonald (Carter Jones McDonald) ; James Quinn (Quinn Legal) and Andrew Johnston (Associate Member, Hansard).

Council meeting dates (every 4 weeks) have been posted on the members’ calendar.

Please note that the Law Society’s office hours are 9.30-3 Monday to Friday.






New Look Conciliation Service

Ian Cochrane, former Industrial Relations adviser on the Island, is now providing the independent Conciliation Service for the Society. The Conciliation scheme has been evolving over the years to provide an effective mechanism, whereby informal service complaints against Advocates can be addressed. Ian brings to the role his considerable mediation skills and experience and is independent of the Society and its advocates. Whilst the service cannot address issues of professional misconduct or assessment of bills it can tackle issues which relate to the manner in which legal services have been delivered. Jane O’Rourke, the Society’s CEO says ” Ian’s contribution to the Conciliation Service will be of immense value. He is noted for his pragmatism and ability to see the core issues. The Society is delighted to be working with him in delivering this important service.”