The Regulatory and Professional Body of Manx Advocates

The Isle of Man Law Society works with its Members, the Courts and all branches of Government to ensure that the Manx bar is fully supported in its work and appropriately regulated as a profession,  for the benefit of the public the profession and the jurisdiction.



Society Joint Training Initiative

On  2nd February the Society is hosting multi-agency training to address the new Public Law Protocol introduced by Deemster Roberts in respect of family matters. Judges, court staff and social workers will attend together with Advocates. The Society is delighted to welcome UK Barrister, Clive Baker of ... more

New President & Council Elected

At the Society’s 2015 AGM, Advocate Simon Cain of Appleby was appointed as the incoming President, replacing retiring President Kevin O’Riordan of Kelly Luft. Other new appointees included Jane Gray of Dickinson Cruickshank (Ramsey) who was appointed as Vice-president in place of retiring Vice-President Paul Kerruish of Kerruish ... more

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